Moon Meteor Storm Front Cycle Light Black

Moon Meteor Storm Front Cycle Head Light 1700lm Black USB

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1The Moon Meteor Storm Front Light has a maximum output of 1700 Lumens with a run time of two hours at the maximum output 2

  • Boost: 1700lm - 2.00hr
  • Mode1: 145lm - 23hr
  • Mode2: 9lm - 4hr
  • Mode3: 12lm - 31hr
  • FL1: 1lm - 115hr
  • Steady FL: 2lm - 7hr
  • Day FL: 4lm - 23hr
  • VLS - Variable Lumen System Set my lumen allows you to set any lumen you would want Simply press hold the VLS button
  • Colour: Black


Data sheet

Part Type
Light (Front)